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Children's Library Reading Tree is Complete

"Mom can we go see the tree today! I cannot wait to climb inside and read a book with my friends" -Case Parrish

The Children's Library project was begun at the beginning of this global pandemic we are all caught in. There have been many changes to this room. New lights, new floor, furniture, and now our very own Reading Tree. This is such an awesome addition to this space. I cannot wait until we can all be together and enjoy this new creative space in our foyer.

"Creativity doesn't wait for that perfect moment. It fashions its own perfect moments out of ordinary ones."

To see new book additions to our Children's Library check out our YouTube Channel for video book readings!

The new Children's Library is just off of our main foyer. It is easy to spot now with the new glass panel door. We invite you to come by and check out the progress. We are so excited for the time we can be back together. This will be a very popular spot for our young people. So much love and passion was put into making this room. It is our hope our kids will always know they are loved by us, but more importantly by our God who loves us all!


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