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Easter 2020

This might be the strangest Easter in recent years due to the pandemic we are all experiencing, but nothing changes the fact that Christ's tomb is empty! For that we can all experience a Glorious Day!

The Easter weekend started Saturday with Chad, Cynthia, and Leanne all setting out to deliver over 300 Easter eggs to all of the kids in our congregation. Despite the rain they were able to bring joy and excitement to kids who have been cooped up for days. Each egg carried a personal message from both Chad and Cynthia. They also had video QR codes the kids could interact with and watch a cool video.

Check out these videos for some Easter inspiration.

We are so very thankful for our congregation and these awesome kids we have. The kids of any congregation are the future and the hope of the message of Christ spreading throughout this world. We rejoice with the Villarreal Family upon the decision Maddie made to be baptized on Sunday. It is our prayer that she will continue to seek Christ in all ways of her life and that through her many come to know the saving grace of Jesus Christ.


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