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The Foreseeable Future...

We are asking that all members of the Broad Street family avoid coming to or using the building…this will include fellowship activities, classes, visits, birthday parties or baby showers, game nights or youth activities…

THERE WILL BE EXCEPTIONS TO THIS!!! Jean will continue to be in the office (as always!…serving as our contact point!) during the hours that she is normally there; John and Chad may or may not be found there, depending upon other responsibilities they are engaged in. Bible class teachers who are engaged in activities to produce online material for their students will have free access to all of the facilities.

There will also be reasons for some of you to come to the building…

Perhaps to pick up communion supplies, or to drop off eggs for someone else, to pick up a roll of toilet paper or drop off a check…we get that! We’re simply asking everyone to be prudent, careful…and have a good reason for being at the building! We must ask that you continue to observe all of the necessary precautions to avoid the transmission of this virus, and that no more than 10 persons at any one time be in the building.


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